Our Vision for the Future of Synthetic Media

The Future is Synthetic

David Beckham speaking nine languages using Synthesia technology. Collaboration between David Beckham, Malaria No More, Synthesia, R/GA & Ridley Scott Associates.
AI-driven photo synthesis and editing. Research by Nvidia.
Gutenberg had a harder time than any of todays tech tycoons ever had.
Snapchat, TikTok, Virtual Influencers, Alexa, Instagram filters — we are already surrounded by synthetic media.

Visual Storytelling

Price tag: $356m
AI-driven content creation will enable companies to produce 10x content at 10x less cost than today.

1 — Content Creation & Communication

Apples FaceTime Attention Correction generates a synthetic video of you looking into the camera. A first step towards fully photorealistic avatars. Credit: WSig on Twitter.
Synthesia AI Video Avatar — record a professionally looking video template once and create new, synthetic videos from your phone. Like greenscreen, but for humans.

2 — IP Ownership

Lil Miquela has 1.6m followers, recorded a chart-topping song with Baauer and regularly models for fashion brands.

3 — Security / Verification

Verified social accounts are the first step. We believe this will trickle down to every piece of media content created and an SSL-type protocol for media will emerge.



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Victor Riparbelli

CEO & Co-founder @ Synthesia.io — we’re building the future of synthetic media. Interested in technology, culture, music & art.